Music and films

My preferred Italian music authors are De Andrè , Branduardi and De Gregori. I like the attention they spend in the texts.

Besides I like Battiato and the Nomadi songs of few years ago. My preferred American and English authors are Pink Floyd and the Dire Straits

Eye wide shutI like the classic music of Dvorak and Tschaikowsky

Babel is a story of the contemporary uncomunicantion between different religions and coltures.

The best Italian director is Nanni Moretti . Unforgettable are the trilogy and the decalogue of Krzysztof Kieslowski. I like Eye wide shut of Kubrik and Underground of Kusturiza. I appreciate the humour in the films of Woody Allen.

I like Hero, the history of a hero that fought the emperors enemies and now is in front of him as a prize.

Sunshine is a traditional film of scince fiction è with the flavour of the big sience fiction films of the '70. In La ragazza del lago you could test the flavour of my land

L'ultimo re di Scozia tells a story of Uganda in a no traditional way. Another Africa history is related with the international commerce of diamonds,Blood diamond.

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